Buying From A Small Business

Thank you for supporting our small business...

We've just completed our Black Friday offer and we are over the moon with how it went.  So many of you chose to support our small business and it means an awful lot, especially at the present time.  Competing with ginormous brands can be a daunting thing and with every sale we have, we stand a little bit taller.  We want to ensure you never under-estimate the impact you have when you support a small business, so here are we present to you five things you do when you get behind little businesses like ours...

  • You keep individuality going.  Every little business offers different crafts, different skills, dying arts, individual styles, one-off products.  And in supporting small businesses, not only do you support those skills, you support individuality.  So we don't end up all wearing the same clothes, buying the same food, drinking the same coffee - we have choices.  Lots and lots of choices.
  • That personal touch. More important now than ever. The morning coffee where the barista knows how you have it, the butcher where you have banter, the florist who puts in an extra few stalks for you, the cake maker who always uses proper butter and free range eggs even though it costs them more, the small pyjama company that lovingly gift-wraps all its items...
  • You keep people in jobs.  All over the country, people are holding on to their jobs because you're supporting small businesses.
  • You encourage pockets of creativity.  You give a purpose to the mother starting a business from her kitchen table, the teenage entrepreneur, the retiree finally having a go at a life-long dream.  And as a result we end up with an abundance of amazing little individual businesses that we can choose from, every day, without even really thinking about it.
  • You give a warm glow.  Genuinely.  Whenever you buy from a small business there is a person, or a few people, at the other end who shine.  They've worked through the night to get their business off the ground, they've breastfed their baby over a laptop, they've sewed/drawn/carved/practiced until their hands were raw, they've poured blood, sweat and tears into it and your purchase shows them that it's all been worth while.

So next time you buy from a small business, not just ours, every small business, please know what you're supporting and achieving in doing so and be proud of that.  You should get to feel the warm glow too.

Thank you x