Bridal Luxury Monogrammed White Cotton Pyjama Shirt Look and Cover

Unforgettable Moments

We just love weddings! We understand that no two are ever the same - the time and thought that goes into every detail of the big day makes each one so unique and personal. Our bridal sleepwear is made from 100% soft cotton and personalised at our studio in Cumbria. Look & Cover pyjamas and dressing gowns are perfect for getting ready on the morning of your wedding and escaping away on your honeymoon.

Bridal Luxury Monogrammed White Cotton Pyjama Shirt Look and Cover

The Perfect Wedding Morning

The wedding morning is precious; a special moment in which the bride can calm her nerves and gather herself for the day ahead. Our bridal sleepwear is elegant, cool (so make-up is kept in tact) and memorable.

Our sleepwear sets in 'Cloud' are classically cut, with quintessential white piping and can come personalised with the bride's new married initials. They make for the perfect ‘something new’ gift.

We offer two options for brides:

  • Off-the-shelf - personalised bridal sleepwear in just a few clicks. Ideal for a busy maid of honour to check off their long pre-wedding to-do list!
  • Bespoke Bridal Service - a custom offering for those who would prefer completely bespoke bridal sleepwear. Nothing is too much to ask!

Off-The-Shelf Bridal Sleepwear

This option is perfect for those with no time to waste!

We know how busy life can be - whether you are a maid of honour needing a last minute wedding gift, or a bride with a never ending to-do list, we have created a simple and stress-free way to purchase your personalised bridal sleepwear set.

Our off-the-shelf bridal pyjamas and dressing gowns come beautifully monogrammed with MRS. plus your new surname initial along with a love heart. Your monogram is lovingly stitched in a pretty silver cotton at our boutique studio in Cumbria.

We can get your bridal treats to you within just four business days, all with a few easy clicks of a mouse!

Fancy a different colour? Just message us using the form below. We can provide the bridal monogramming service on any colour in our current sleepwear collection for the same prices as you see detailed in our Off The Shelf Collection. You choose!

Bespoke bridal Service

Bridal Luxury Monogrammed White Cotton Pyjama Shirt Look and Cover

This option is perfect for brides who want something as unique and special as they are, or for those looking for an extra-special gift.

Personalise your favourite piece from any of our full collection with bespoke embroidery. You can have your new initials on your pyjama shirt pocket, the wedding date on your cuff, even your partner's name on your bum - it's completely up to you! Let us know your hopes and we'll do all we can to fulfil them.

We can usually monogram your custom bridal order and deliver to your door within four working days, depending on your requirements.

Get in touch using the form below. Tell us what you love, we can give you an idea of prices and delivery dates, and make it happen!

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