Mmm... who doesn't love a warm, flaky pastry to kick-start the day? Our perfect morning is a lazy one spent in our personalised pj's, having a deliciously warm croissant breakfast served in bed. Divine! So in honour of National Croissant Day, we've taken a look at some of the things you may not know about this humble pastry:

A perfectly indulgent breakfast food
The croissant is a wonderfully indulgent choice for breakfast to have on special mornings. Connoisseurs insist that you should eat only homemade croissants that have been baked that morning but not everyone has a local bakery to supply an authentic replica in the morning. So failing that, in our humble opinion, supermarket-bought croissants are just as yummy.

They originate from Austria
While the croissant may just be one of the most quintessentially French things you can find, it was actually invented in Austria. The croissant is known as the Kipferl in Austria, and has been a breakfast favourite of theirs from the 13th century.

They came to France with a Zang
An Austrian artillery officer by the name of August Zang introduced croissants to France. He set up a Viennese bakery in Paris at 92 Rue de Richelieu in the 1830s. Sadly, the bakery doesn’t exist anymore, but his croissants live on!

The French dislike our reinventions
The French are traditionally fiercely protective of their Gallic grub, so when British recipe site Twisted Food created a video demonstrating a 'new take' on the croissant, it went down as well as you might expect in France. They also weren't big fans of Tesco's 2016 invention of the "straight" croissant, especially since the word 'croissant' literally means 'crescent.'

Some bakers want them protected 
In October last year, Frederic Roy, a baker from Nice asked the French government to create an official status for the “traditional” French croissant. "I simply want to protect the croissant. This new category would help create a noble, true and 100 percent natural pastry."

The recipe for success
No, we aren't providing the recipe for a perfectly baked croissant. Life's too short for all of the turning, folding and time-consuming proofing needed to bake the ultimate croissant. But we'll leave you with this: For a perfectly indulgent morning, pair your personalised cotton sleepwear with a freshly baked croissant for an ultimately enviable start to your day.