She’s been with you from the beginning and has looked out for you ever since. She’s your best friend, consoler, personal cheerleader and so much more. She’s your mum and you wouldn’t change her for the world.

Mother's Day is the chance to remind the most important woman in your life how much she means to you. She’s led by example and you couldn’t have done without her. Here at Look & Cover, we’re all about personalisation and special moments so we’ve put together an extra-special list of ways to treat your mum this Mother’s Day:

Give your Time
Most mums don’t like to be fussed over and especially don’t expect you to splash out on lavish gifts for them. This Mother’s Day give your mum some of your time as a special way of saying thanks for everything. This could involve something as simple as helping her around the house, curating plants in the garden or helping her achieve her home-improvement dreams. Together, simple everyday activities can make for great bonding and catch-up time that your mum will genuinely appreciate.

Make her something special
If you’re not able to spare any time this Mother’s Day then you could think about making your Mum something extra special instead! Even if it’s only something small, a handmade gift made with love is sure to put a smile on mum’s face. If you feel like getting crafty then why not try your hand at candle making, photo collaging or if your mum’s a foody, a hamper of her favourite luxury foods. If you’re not able to spend Mother’s day with your Mum just make sure to remember to deliver your gift before the big day!

Pamper Mum (and yourself!)
Being a kickass woman can be tiring work – that’s something you and your mum can both agree on! Treating your mum to a spa day might just be the perfect antidote to your busy lives. Enjoy the poolside, Jacuzzi and sauna and let off a little steam. You could even go the extra mile and book some surprise treatments too – a facial or a massage is never going to go down badly! Many spa day packages also come with afternoon tea options too, which we’re sure would be the icing on the cake to your lovely day out.

Learn something new together
If your mum isn’t one for lying on a lounger then it could be an idea to take her to a workshop or on an activity-based day out. Take some time to see what’s on offer in your local community and find something new for you to try together. This might be a painting or pottery day; even a day trying a new sport like archery or paddle-boarding – the world is your oyster! If you live close to your mum, you could even commit to taking weekly classes together. Maybe you’ve both wondered about taking up Pilates or yoga or always dreamt of learning French or Italian. Whether you have a little or a long time to learn something new together, it’s a wonderful way of spending time together which you’re both bound to relish forever.

Give her something that will last
It’s a fact that everyone gives their mum flowers and chocolates on Mother’s Day. But isn’t a bit old hat, a little predictable? This year give her something that will actually last and remind her of your appreciation for years to come. Our personalised cotton pyjamas are available in five sumptuous colours: Cloud white, Dusk pink, Midnight blue, Rose red and Sage green. Monogram up to three complimentary letters – allowing you the choice to either monogram your mum’s initials or even simply ‘Mum’ for that extra special reminder of your love.

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