Forget making unattainable New year's resolutions. If you want to make positive changes for 2019, it’s always best to start small. One of the best ways to give yourself a good start to the new year is to focus on upgrading your everyday wellness. Taking care of yourself and feeling good daily is not just about eating right and exercising. It also means finding small, simple ways to look after yourself and feel good in the process. One of the simplest ways to do this is to upgrade your pyjamas. You’d be surprised that a pair of stylish pyjamas that not only fit but help you sleep sounder can make you feel amazing! 

Many of us are tired by the end of the day. Way too tired to consider our choice of clothes to wear to bed. For those of us who are parents, once we’ve got the little ones to bed most of us are lucky if we've managed to brush our own teeth and wash off our makeup before we pass out on the pillow. So, are we thinking about pyjamas? Not so much. 

However, feeling good on the inside can sometimes come from looking good on the outside. Wearing your old university t-shirt or yesterday's clothes to bed won't necessarily do too much for your self-esteem. And if you choose to share your bed with a significant other, getting under the covers in old, unflattering clothes won’t help to inspire romantic thoughts.  

Good habits create better habits, and confidence breeds confidence. The same holds true in the bedroom. Wearing something soft and comfortable can also be flattering and sexy. So even if you are too tired to contemplate snuggling with your partner, or if you're upset about those extra snacks you ate today, put all that aside. If you're going to go to the trouble of changing into sleep clothes anyway, is it too much trouble to grab your smart, monogrammed pyjamas instead of that old and tattered one? Absolutely not! It's the same amount of effort, for a lot more reward. 

So, perhaps it’s time to invest in some real, 100% cotton, luxury monogrammed pyjamas. Our chic collection of monogrammed women's sleepwear can be personalised with up to three initials and this is included in the price. From pyjamas to dressing gowns, our comfortable pieces give a nod to utility with crisp shirting, preppy piping and tailored cuts. Available in five sumptuous colours with both long and short length bottom options, as well as matching sets available for the little ones. 

Not only can you get a good night’s sleep in your personalised pyjamas, you can also lounge in them confidently on movie nights at home, as well as weekend mornings when you occasionally have the luxury of not getting dressed until noon! It’s the little things in life that make us feel more confident in ourselves, and you will feel amazing in personalised sleepwear, which is why everyone should have at least one pair. So, to start your wellness upgrade for 2019, treat yourself to a pair of nice, new monogrammed pyjamas. You'll be glad you did.