Picnic Season Has Arrived!

Ahhh, spring is finally here! At Look & Cover, it's one of our favourite time's of year - not only do the flowers bloom but the evenings become lighter for longer and the weather also starts to get a little bit warmer. It's the perfect time to get friends and family together for a picnic, and start making wonderful memories. Here are the elements that you'll need to prepare to have the best one yet...

Plan Ahead

The best part about throwing a picnic is that you can invite as few or as many people are you'd like. From an intimate blanket for two to a large family gathering, it doesn't really matter because space is generally not a concern. Regardless of your headcount, it's important to have everything planned and prepped the day before to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. It's also really important to check the weather so that you're not caught in a downpour (we all know what the English weather can be like!).

Make It Simple But Interesting

Ensure all picnic foods are simple to transport and not too heavy to carry - some of the best picnic spots can be isolated and nobody wants to do too much heavy lifting. Make picnic food interesting and easy to eat – think finger food. Prepare just a few things and do them well. To ease up on the cooking, you could visit your local deli or farm shop and top up a few homemade goodies like mini sausage rolls.

Pack With Panache

Choose your picnic containers carefully - nothing dampens spirits more than a leaky cool box. Before you set off, check your containers are shut tight, and wrap any smelly items in a bag (we're looking at you, garlic lovers!). If you're bringing wine glasses for the grown-ups, consider packing a lightweight tray to perch them on during pouring and between sips, and if you're sampling cork-sealed wine, don't forget the bottle opener! Cold boxes and ice packs are essential to make sure that items normally stored in the fridge stay as cool as possible, It's also a great idea to bring some hand wipes or anti-bacterial gel, and make sure that everyone's hands are clean before and after their food.

Create New Memories

Picnics aren't just about the food - they are also all about the wonderful memories created. While out on a picnic, there are many things to do that you won’t normally find time to do at home. Bring along things for everyone to do together such as a card game, a ball to kick around or even a speaker to listen to your favourite tunes. Make sure there's enough activities to get everyone away from their phones and engaged with one another to truly seize the moments shared.

Dress For The Occasion

There's a lot to consider when choosing what to wear to your picnic. You'll need to think about the weather. You probably don't want to rock up to an outdoor banquet with a summer dress if it's forecast to be a bit chilly. It's also important to feel comfortable all day, especially when you're enjoying all that delicious picnic food. Look & Cover's loungewear sets in midnight and graphite are both comfortable and stylish, and can be dressed up or used as layers to keep you warm and cosy. Pair with a comfy pair of trainers for the perfect picnic look.

Set The Scene

A picnic blanket is a great idea to help keep outfits and food in tact. There's a whole world of picnic blankets just waiting to be discovered, from beautiful, woolen numbers that roll up into a leather harness, to wipe-clean, family blankets and foldable fleece sheets. As a comfy addition, it might be a good idea to ask guests to bring a cushion in their own tote bag to sit on. Everyone can sit where they want, instead of having to constantly move the blanket to please both the shade chasers and sunseekers alike.