Ensure you’ve got the essentials to get you beyond the finish line

If like our founder, Anna, you’re doing the London Marathon at the end of this month, your training will be almost complete (well done you!). For months, you will have focused on that one goal – over-analysed every niggle and spent sleepless nights fretting every detail. You've registered, trained, and gathered your essentials for the starting line (watch, iPod, bib number, starting gate, fuel and gels) but have you thought about what will happen after you've crossed that finish line?

Probably not! There's a tonne to remember prior to the race, so much so, that you may not have even thought about your post race essentials. Well, don't panic - L&C have got you covered!

If you want to recover in good speed, and get back out there – either to train for another marathon or just for the purpose of not feeling like a bus has hit you – then your recovery plan is as an integral part of the marathon process. With our top tips, you’ll soon be back and raring to go – you can thank us later!

Fantastic Foam Roller

After a hard race, the concept of moving anywhere will feel utterly unmanageable. But if you are smart enough to have a handy roller with you after the race, the repercussions may be less severe. This TriggerPoint vibrating foam roller is cordless and rechargeable, and their vibration setting is calibrated to 33 Hertz, which is a frequency clinically proven to induce muscle relaxation and minimize pain while rolling. Lie down and release the tension from your poor muscles!

Beautifying Bath Salts

The key to muscle recovery is a relaxing hot bath. These Neom mineral bath salts contain 84 minerals that are essential for daily health and wellbeing and can be used to soothe away muscle soreness in the bath or as a treat for the feet. Fill the bath with hot water and add a handful of salts. Massage a little of the salts directly into the legs and feet to help increase circulation and relieve aching muscles. Then submerge yourself in the bath, sit back and relax.

Miraculous Muscle Gel

If you're looking for a multi-functional instant revitaliser for those tired legs and tense muscles, this Instant Refreshing Gel from Elemis combines soothing extracts of arnica, Birch and Witch Hazel and cooling Camphor and Menthol. Simply close your eyes, breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth before self-massaging this cooling gel into your pain points.

Fabulous Foot Cream

Reward your hardworking feet with this nourishing foot cream from L'Occitane En Provence which absorbs well, and aides any dry skin in need of replenishing. Rich in shea butter, antiseptic A.O.C lavender essential and formulated with arnica oil, which can help with inflammation and is perfect after a long day on your feet. Simply massage the cream into your feet before propping them up for a well-deserved rest.

Is there any better feeling than getting into clean, dry clothes after a long sweaty run? What's a better reward than a fresh pair of luxe loungewear from our brand new collection to help soothe your tired body and make you look wonderful at the same time?! Made from ultra-soft jersey fabrics and finished with a pretty ribbon, our chic loungewear sets are available in Midnight and Graphite, and can be embroidered with your initials for that extra special touch. Simply slip them on and basque in the joy of your achievement!

Soothing Soles

After what you've just put your feet through, they deserve only the best in comfort and style. Look no further than these Scuffette II slippers from Ugg. Cast in soft, water-resistant suede with the plushest wool lining for your aching soles to rest on as you make the few steps that you can during your recovery. Simply slip on and breathe a sigh of relief!

Wow, what an amazing achievement! Don't forget to be kind to yourself. You've just endured an extraordinary feat and your body truly deserves some R&R. It's important to at least two to three weeks to recover before running again. Use that time to evaluate possibly injuries, like any strains or tendonitis. Trying to run again too quickly—even if it's just a light jog—often leads to a soft tissue strain because the muscle hasn't healed yet. Be patient and save yourself an even longer recovery period. Congratulations on your achievement - you're simply amazing!