For a limited time, we're providing a full-size tub of Wunder Workshop's Golden Glow turmeric blend with all of our Look & Cover orders - perfect for mornings making healthy turmeric lattes in your personalised pyjamas. To celebrate, we got together with their founder, Zoe LVH to hear her story.

When did you decide to create the Wunder Workshop brand? How did your story begin?
After dabbling in different career paths, I realised that my true purpose lay in what was around me all my life, health and plants, so as my new year’s resolution in 2014, I decided that if I wasn’t happy with my job by June that year, I would leave and follow my passion. My biggest inspiration to start Wunder Workshop has really been my late mother who had been very passionate about health and wellbeing since her early twenties, so by the time I was born she had nearly 20 years of experience. 

What has been the most exciting part of running Wunder Workshop?
Primarily, the uncertainty of it, waking up every day to a day full of opportunities. I love the feeling that everything is possible! Also, seeing how we have an impact on people’s lives. Working closely with the farms, meeting the farmers and family farms and knowing where the money goes that we spend on ingredients. Last but not least, I find it so exciting to meet someone who doesn't know me but uses our products. It’s such a lovely feeling to see that my little creations have made it into someone’s pantry.

What is a challenge you've faced developing Wunder Workshop brand?
Oh, hard to pick what is the biggest challenge, but I would say having a small brand in the food world. The food industry is often not a glamourous business world, dominated by big players and finding people who can work with us is hard. Especially, as a woman, we often don’t get taken seriously! With that comes the education about our ingredients, when we started the brand there was no one doing anything with turmeric and a lot of people never even heard of turmeric and its numerous health benefits, it took a while for it to take off and find momentum.

What would you say is the biggest thing that you've learned from becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Simply that what we reap we sow, the more I put myself out there, connect with our customers with other brands and with farmers, the more rewarding it is. As an introvert this can sometimes feel daunting, but it therefore feels even more fulfilling when I get over my insecurities to connect with people.

What do you think it takes to successfully balance having a career and finding time for yourself?
First of all, I think that it’s so important that we love our career, as the idea of spending the majority of your time doing something that isn’t your purpose can be so depleting by itself. My favourite combination is travelling by myself and working from different places. I find so much inspiration and creativity when I am alone and out of my comfort zone. 

At Look & Cover, we're all about the importance of taking the time to care for yourself even with a busy schedule. How do take the time for self-care in your regular routine?
This is essential to me and I am all too familiar with this feeling of being consumed by busyness and our hectic surroundings in places like London. I used to just brush it off and ignore it, but I have become more and more sensitive to the sensory overstimulation. For me, the best thing is to bring my energetic vibrations back into equilibrium, which enables me to be calm and have inner balance in a busy place like London.

How do you unwind from a stressful day?
Ideally, I’d go for a nutritious home cooked meal, wine and reading.

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