It’s that time of year where everyone becomes inundated with ‘new year, new me’ statuses and articles written about making new years’ resolutions. There’s so much pressure for us to better ourselves in the name of a new year. But were here to tell you that the real you is just perfect! How much of a relief is that? There’s no point in making grandiose resolutions if you’re only going to lose sight of them by February when you realise that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Here are our top remedies to those typical pesky new resolutions you were about to make for 2019: 

“I'm getting fitter” 
A lot of people tend to over-promise themselves to get fitter by buying a gym membership they’re never going to use or hitting the gym so hard that they wear themselves out so much that they refuse to go again. Instead, start by going out for nice long walks in the park for some fresh air and well-deserved vitamin D, or choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift when that’s an option. Investing in a fitness tracker can help you gradually build your fitness goals without punishing yourself too much in the beginning. 

“I’m going on a diet” 
If you've failed at previous resolutions to start eating a better, healthier meals, it’s time to ditch the diet mentality and make small changes to your diet that you’ll know you can stick to. Promise yourself to eat out less often or stay home to have a home-cooked healthy meal, cut out drinks that are high in sugar and replace them with water.  

“I'm starting a new hobby” 
Try not to over-commit to anything in 2019 without really knowing what you’re committing to. Fancy starting a new hobby or class? How about instead of purchasing a class-pass or investing too much into it, test it out to see if it’s really for you before making any firm commitments. 

"I’m going to get more sleep” 
Improving your shut-eye habits has been linked to improved weight loss and maintenance—not to mention a ton of other benefits. A good place to start is establishing a tranquil sleep environment by making small changes, set yourself a bedtime, without any devices nearby. Invest in blackout shades for your bedroom or adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature to ensure more restful sleep. 

"I will be kinder to myself” 
Be kind to yourself this 2019. Carve out some well-deserved “me-time” with a long bath, good night of sleep and doing what you do best to make for a perfectly good January without making any drastic changes or punishing regimes. You deserve it!