In In is the new Out Out!

We all know how it can be on New Year’s. You pay a fortune for an overpriced ticket somewhere, it’s way too busy and you have set yourself an over realistic expectation for the night - set up for inevitable failure.

Look & Cover HQ are declaring that this New Year, ‘In In’ is the New ‘Out Out’! Here’s some ideas for making the most of a lovely night in with friends and loved ones.

Movie marathon - Want to ignore it’s happening at all? Close the curtains, get on some cosy PJs and indulge in a movie marathon, add a cheese board, popcorn and your favourite wine for the perfect night in!

Themed party - If you still fancy the idea of a good party but don’t want to pay for a ticket to somewhere, why not host one yourselves? Invite all your friends over, set up a party playlist, tell them to bring a bottle and get the party started. We love any excuse for fancy dress and New Year’s Eve is definitely an excuse. Set a theme and tell everyone to come dressed for the occasion!

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Games night - With the family? Take a turn to play each of your favourite games. We love Charades, Who am I, Never Have I Ever and good old fashioned Monopoly! Make sure to get plenty of snacks, drinks and prizes for the winners!

Dinner party - Get organised early with this one. Gather up your bestest friends that you know you are guaranteed to have plenty of laughs with. Plan a lovely long dinner and lots of wine nad champagne and plenty of feelgood festive party music.

Girly night in - Are you with your best gal pals this New Year’s? Then make a night of it, get some matching PJs for the occasion, make some cocktails and set up the karaoke machine ready to release your inner Beyonce!

We wish you a very safe and Happy New Year and look forward to 2020!

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