Today, 20th March 2020, is World Happiness Day, which is a little ironic as it’s been a long time since the world felt so unsettled or uncertain. In a time when the little things matter more than ever, we want to mark the day by trying to help you find a little tranquillity – even if it’s just for five minutes at a time.


In situations like this, it’s easy to overthink the bad and forget about the good. We all do this and that’s okay, especially when we feel everything is out of our control. But favouring gratitude and trying to think of the positive over the negative can really encourage a shift in our mindset and help us through. We like to reflect every evening on our favourite parts of the day, to list five things that made us happy. And if we’re struggling to find happiness, just the little things that lightened the load a bit. There’s evidence that keeping a gratitude diary can have a positive impact on our mental health, and now that we have a bit more time than usual to do that, there’s never really been a better moment to give it a try.



It’s also proven that a good deed for others helps our own wellbeing. So it could be good to use time in self-isolation to call or Facetime a friend, write a letter to a loved one, or send good wishes via text. You could email a friend with three things you can do together when this has passed so you can both look forward to them. Lots of lovely possibilities. If you aren’t self-isolating, you could use this time to do good deeds for your neighbours, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Make sure they have everything they need. You’ll give them a lift – and yourself too.


Getting things done

They say a tidy home equals a tidy mind so being stuck indoors could be a chance to get all those jobs done that forever stay on the list. Clear out your wardrobe and send anything you don’t want to charity (good deed = warm glow too!). Your space and surroundings contribute to your mindset and motivation, a tidy and clean environment creates a placid space and a restorative sense of achievement.

The simple things

Watch the birds outside, bake, sew, sketch, walk, cook, rest… This could be a chance to rediscover life’s simple pleasures and fall in love with them once again. All of the above are naturally mindful and grounding too.

This too shall pass. Let’s keep calm, stick together and be kind, always.