We’ve all been there. That moment when you hear yourself utter “Thank you, really you shouldn’t have.” We’ve all said it… as we’ve opened a gift that quite simply misses the Valentine’s day mark. To avoid any further disappointment, why not give a few well-intentioned HINTS, so this February 14th delivers the gift you really want. Flowers and chocolates might be easy, but they are short-lived and definitely not memorable, whereas Look & Cover’s gorgeous cotton pyjamas and robes can be loved and lounged in for many cosy evenings and romantic mini breaks to come.  

Our sleepwear collection is crafted from lightweight cotton with an elegant shirting style, in a range of calming colours including dusky pink - a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. Cupids can choose from women’s pyjama tops, drawstring shorts, long trousers and dressing robes or the head-to-toe outfit for the ultimate in bedtime indulgence.  

Each piece can be monogrammed at no extra cost with up to three letters, making Look & Cover’s sleepwear even more special. And as a special Valentine’s Day treat Look & Cover is offering the addition of a cute heart symbol after the monogram (for a small fee of £5) Sleepwear orders arrive in sustainable paper and decorative twine, so even the gift wrapping is taken care of.  

We’ve put together some helpful tactics for you to get the gift you deserve this Valentine’s day: 

Sweet and funny suggestions 

Sure, cupid isn’t like Santa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drop a few hints when it comes to gift ideas! This February 14th, why not leave a few written wishes around the house? For example a funny tongue-in-cheek post-it note that suggests some personalised pj’s might be a good gift or even a funny little letter written to Mr. Cupid himself. Just have a little fun and let your playful side shine and you’re bound to get the message across! 

Social hinting 

It’s no secret, in today’s social media savvy world, liking a product can also mean ‘liking’ a product for all your friends to see. Don’t want to go so far as writing a Valentine’s wish list? Not bold enough to tell your Valentine exactly what you’re lusting after? Then, simply get down to a little cyber hinting. There are even a few inspirational websites that are dedicated to sharing online lust lists, like Pinterest. 

Tell a friend 

Not sure that your other half will be following your social feed for gift tips? Then it’s time to get back to basics and enlist your friends for help. Pick a good friend and tell them what would make your Valentine’s day extra special. How they phrase your gift request is up to them of course, but there’s nothing like old fashioned word of mouth from a friend to get the message out! 

Play to their competitive side

If your other half loves to think they know how to wrap up the very best gifts and you quite simply don’t mind being a little sneaky, then letting your other half know that he’s got some stiff competition in the gift department may be trick for you! Mention how envious you are of your girlfriends’ great gifts and before you know it, you could be unwrapping the Valentine’s gift you’ve been lusting after! 

If all else fails, just get it yourself 

Sometimes it’s just a fact that if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to look after number one with a lovely gift? It’s called self-care - and we fully approve! 

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