PJs for kids, where do you start?

They want the ‘cool’ character pyjamas. You just want something comfortable they will fall asleep in, something that will wash well and won’t shrink after the first wash, and so the battle begins!

But, let’s be honest they spend more time sleeping than adults (in an ideal world…) and so will often be wearing pyjamas more often than actual clothes. Especially on the weekends when we all just want to chill out at home.

Enter, Look & Cover gender neutral pyjamas. Our 100% lightweight cotton pyjamas are guaranteed to provide your little one (and you) with a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep. Isn’t that what we all want?!

Kids wearing cloud white and midnight blue children pyjamas respectively
Kids wearing red and white children pyjamas respectively
The same kids wearing another variety of look and cover pyjamas while smiling

Available in a range of colours, Cloud, Sage, Dusk, Midnight, Rose, Seafoam, Blossom and Sable our adorable monogrammed sleepwear can be personalised with up to three initials. The pint-sized versions of our womens and mens sleepwear collection means you can create matched-up pyjama moments with your family that will be the envy of all your Instagram followers.

The best thing about them is that all the colours are suitable for both girls and boys. Got a son that wants to wear pink? We’ve got them covered with our Blossom and Dusk PJs that are made for both genders. A girl that fancies a grey day? Sable is the one for them.  

Our kids pjs are perfect for enjoying a family film night in or spending the weekend snuggled up in bed wearing comfortable and stylish pjs as a whole family. Our pjs are also ideal for jumping on the bed and making dens with duvets. Weekends have never sounded so fun.

Two kids wearing their very own Look And Cover Pyjamas
The same kids wearing another variety of look and cover pyjamas