December can be an intense month. Even if you’re not the biggest socialite, there can be lots on. Whether it’s Christmas events or just preparing for your family festivities, it’s important to take care of ourselves throughout December to keep us from the January blues.  Here are our top tips for survival this festive season: 

Take vitamins 
With cold temperatures and long dark nights, December is one of the easiest times of year to catch a nasty bug. It’s also the worst time to be caught out feeling sick, so it’s vital that we take care of our immune system to stay healthy. Stock up on vitamin C and zinc tablets, as both are beneficial for supporting your immune system and fighting off colds. 

Drink plenty of water 
If you’re getting merry at a few Christmas parties this year, you might indulge in a glass or two of your favourite festive cocktail. To help you stay healthy and feeling jolly, it’s important to stay hydrated. We recommend carrying around a water bottle so that you can continue to hydrate yourself throughout the day, no matter where you are. 

Remember to be kind to yourself 
Sometimes we can get so whisked away by making everyone else happy at Christmas, that we forget to take care of ourselves. It is important to look after yourself just as much as you do for others. Things are bound to go wrong, but when they do, remember to be kind to yourself. These moments will make for the best stories later 

Get plenty of sleep 
If you have kids, you probably don’t remember the last time you had a full eight hours. But there’s a lot going on at Christmas and having a good night’s rest can help strengthen your immune system and keep you clear headed. If like us, you have a hard time nodding off, we recommend using a natural bath soak or sleep spray to help promote a good night’s rest. 

Try not to have too many expectations 
This might seem a little obvious, but we can sometimes build things up in our minds, which can ruin the moment because we’re trying too hard to create what we had imagined. No one gets through Christmas without a few hiccups, so relax and try to enjoy whatever the festive season throws at you. 

Take some ‘me’ time 
The festive period can become quite chaotic, even for the best of us. It’s important to remember to take some ‘me’ time in order to retain your sanity. Enjoy little moments of quiet – carve out an hour per day for yourself to attend your favourite workout class or spend the early mornings before the rest of the family have woken up curled up in your pyjamas with a good book. 

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Check out our festive season survival essentials to ensure you stay strong throughout Christmas!