Whether single or taken, many of us are put off by the oh-so-sickening romance that surrounds February 14th. The 'V' word alone is enough to send shivers down our spines. While social media, restaurant staffs and your friends in relationships are frenzied, for everyone else, it’s just February 14th. Regardless if your motivation to ignore any Valentine's celebrations is due to being single, or just not caring about it at all, here are our suggestions on how to celebrate anti-Valentine's Day:
Sweat it out
As the middle of February brings out some of the coldest temperatures that winter has to offer, many of us would prefer to bundle up and stay indoors. It can be hard to squeeze fitness into your calendar regularly, so carve out some anti-Valentine's me time and hit the gym, to get fit and give yourself some well-deserved endorphins to make you feel amazing afterwards.

Satisfy your sweet tooth
As the high street stores prepare for their annual Valentine’s Day aisle overhauls, swing by and get an early start on those Valentine's chocolate clearance deals. We hear they taste even better when they're half price!

Sell any clutter from your ex
Got any baggage from a break-up with an ex? There are websites like Never Liked It Anyway  that are centred around the concept of selling stuff you got from an ex to make moving on easier. It’s a great place to shed the stories and the stuff you don't need to help you feel better, faster.

Celebrate with friends
Why have a pity party when you can have an anti-Valentine's party? Get together with friends who don’t have plans and do something fun at home together. Whether you’re cooking desserts, sampling wine or binging on some TV, you can still make a night out of it.

Boogie along to the finest selection of anti-romance tracks
Why not curate a playlist of the best anti-love anthems? Pop music is known for glorifying love, although at some of its proudest moments is actually smashing it to pieces. If you're sick of hearing about the wonders of romance, here’s a list of some songs that you can get creative with:

1. U2 "The one"
Regularly misinterpreted as a song about finding love, this ballad is actually about the exact opposite. Only Bono could so eloquently tell someone to kiss off.

2. The Ting Tings "Shut up and let me go"
Brilliant, anthemic pop about moving on. You'll know the words by the second listen.

3. The Smiths "Girlfriend in a coma"
Have you ever wanted out of a relationship so desperately and been so unwilling to deal with it that you wished the person would just never wake up? Morrissey has.

4. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Don't come around here no more"
In Tom Petty’s classic, which ranges from hypnotic to chaotic, the singer-songwriter is as bold and straightforward as you wish you could be when breaking things off.

5. The Doors "People are strange"
A droning sing-along for those times in your life when you’re completely confident everyone else is messed up.

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