It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Often, when we are thinking about what Christmas presents for our loved ones, we usually think about physical gifts. But, gift giving can also encompass more than that - the gift of love, time, peace and empathy. Those are all priceless.

With that in mind, Look & Cover’s founder, Anna, has put together a thoughtful gift giving guide, offering up some gift ideas that have that extra special, priceless ‘something’.

a girl smiling while wearing raindeer horn headband

Sentimental gifts

While at a Christmas market over the festive season Anna spotted an artist who had produced some beautiful artwork depicting some Puffins. She immediately thought of her Mum. Last year she took her grandchildren to Farnes Island to see the Puffins in all their glory.

The artwork made for a perfect, sentimental gift that not only looked beautiful but more importantly acted as a reminder of the wonderful time they’d all had together.

Gifts for the kids

Anna’s kids are horse mad and love to go out riding. So, many of their gifts this year will be themed around the things they need for a perfect horse riding adventure.

So why not go functional this year? It is a great time to ensure the kids have all they need for the coming year in the sport or hobby of their choice.


Anna’s gift to her husband is quality time. With busy schedules, a special trip away for them as a couple is exactly what they both need. Is there anything better?

Plan a little trip with your other half to switch off from the demands of everyday life and give yourselves time to reflect on another wonderful year together. It doesn’t have to be far or an expensive trip - it could even be just down the road to a nice B&B or a special night at home without the kids!

personalised gifts

It is no secret that here at Look & Cover we love personalised products! Engraved aftershave from Jo Malone is on Anna’s gift giving list this year for her male friends and family (perfume for the girls too!). It is a gift that is useful but with that extra special thoughtful touch of personalisation.

With the personalised theme in mind, you could also treat your loved one to a pair of our personalised pyjamas, one of our leather keyrings or our versatile pouches. All made with love, Look & Cover products make for a timeless gift!

Stocking fillers

There is nothing better than Christmas tradition. We all have weird and wacky family ones so why not keep them going for generations to come?

Growing up, Anna’s stocking was filled with useful necessities for everyday life. Anna has started a tradition for her family, kindling for the fire and lots of fruit. Although they may not seem like the most glamourous of gifts the family tradition is what it’s all about and of course the gift of underwear and socks for the boys!

quality family time

The greatest gift of them all: quality family time.

There is nothing quite like spending time as a family, sitting around the fireplace, sharing a magnificent cheese board by the fire, complete with Christmas cake and enjoying each others company. After all “It's the most wonderful time of the year, hearts will be glowing, when loved ones are near“- Andy Williams.

an image of a father and mother and a baby boy