Organising your child’s birthday - just the thought send shivers down the spines of parents. Having to think about what to do, where to do it, how many people, writing the invites, party bags, games, collecting RSVPs, making a birthday cake (or finding someone who can make one). The list goes on!

To try and ease the pain, we’ve come up with some fun alternative ideas for a children’s party that will ensure both, you and the kids have a great time.

Treasure trail

A good old treasure hunt! There is no better way to wear the kids out than making them run around, following clues and finding treasure - the excitement alone will leave them feeling pooped. And for you as a parent, super simple to organise. Pick your child’s favourite park and head there a few hours before to plant the clues and hide surprises. There are lots of online ideas to help with the clues if you aren’t feeling too imaginative (don’t worry - we know clues are the last thing you want to be thinking of when you’ve had a long day at work). If the weather isn’t playing ball, then organise one inside!

Kids yoga party

Get the kids to practice their sun salutations! This is the perfect party for the child that is always wanting to join in when mum is going her yoga in the living room - they’ll feel ever so grown up! Contact a local yoga instructor or a yoga studio to enquire about putting on a simple yoga class for a small group of children. For a post yoga refuel, why not have some healthy snacks ready to fill their boots on - no sugar highs here! The other parents will be delighted to welcome back home a child who is relaxed, zen and ready for bed. Win, win!


Duvet dens, movies and popcorn all night. Oh and did we mention no sleep? Organising a sleepover is not for the faint hearted but they are a lot of fun for all the children involved. Look back at some of the best parties you went to as a kid - they were most likely at a sleepover! There are always a few that vow to ‘stay awake all night long’ (and then fall asleep first) and of course giggling, gossiping and dancing. Organise snacks, popcorn and some ‘mocktails’ to make the kids feel extra special, fill your living room with duvets and cushions, and put on a couple of child-friendly films - they’ll have a ball!

Cooking class

Are you raising a budding chef? Take a small group to a child’s cooking class, where they will learn basic kitchen skills in a safe environment. The best thing is they’ll make their own meal so no cooking needed from you! If you fancy having everyone at home, pre make some cupcakes and do some cupcake decorating at the kitchen table. Or, get some premade pizza bases, chop up some vegetables, cured meats and cheese, and let the children go crazy. An easy way for the kids to get creative and have a laugh - we bet you’ll end up with some pieces of edible art!