Christmas Countdown...


The festive season really isn’t that far away. With 2020 not being at all the way we expected it to be, you would certainly be forgiven for being somewhat unprepared, but to avoid the festive season creeping up on you, we’ve put together some ideas for you to get ahead!

Christmas cakes: The most delicious, rich, juicy Christmas cakes are those that have been made in advance and fed every two weeks, soaked and plump with your choice of brandy, sherry, whisky or rum. If you’re planning on making a cake yourself this year then you probably want to get cracking in the next few weeks, because you ideally want at least two months to feed it with your favourite tipple.

Stir up Sunday: Stir up Sunday is on Sunday 22nd November this year. It’s a Victorian tradition where families would gather together to stir their Christmas pudding five weeks before Christmas. So if you fancy homemade Christmas pud this year, then this is the day to make it.  Stock up on your dried mixed fruit and favourite spirits in advance.

Christmas Eve boxes:  A lovely recent tradition, Christmas Eve boxes generally include a few small gifts to make Christmas Eve extra special.  Our favourite ideas include a Christmassy film, a festive bedtime story, hot chocolate and marshmallows and a pair of personalised kids PJs so they’re presentable for when Father Christmas comes :)  It’s good to keep an eye out over October and November and buy gradually for these, especially making the most of pre-Christmas sales like Black Friday, so you can gather little gifts without a big cost in one go.

Flavoured gins:  Just perfect for homemade presents or for festive cocktails. For the best flavours infuse from now until Christmas to make them as delicious as possible. We’ve found this handy guide on making your own gin.  It’s far easier than we ever realised and as a result, everyone we know will now be receiving some sort of flavoured gin from us!

Christmas planning:  It can be a busy time and we’ve lots to juggle, so our notebooks can be particularly useful at this time of year.  Treat yourself to our personalised notebook for jotting down your Christmas to-do lists, present planning, dates for when the cake needs fed, or even just noting down the things you’re grateful for and using it for your mindful moments.

Stocking fillers:  As with Christmas Eve boxes, these can be good to buy gradually over the coming months so you get more for your money and also avoid that late Christmas Eve run round the service station (guilty).  Our personalised leather keyrings make a nice stocking filler for grown ups.  Other nice additions are mini bottles of spirits, cashmere socks, luxury chocs and of course, a tangerine at the toe of the stocking (is this just us?)

The countdown to Christmas is on.