We know Christmas can be a tough time of year for blokes – so we’ve drafted in one of our own to give the men who find present buying hard, a bit of a helping hand.  

Some men are simply ‘gifted’ when it comes to choosing presents for their loved ones; they have that enviable ability to simply get it right. Nobody knows whether they're born with this superpower or whether it can be taught to mere mortal men. Whatever their secret, close observation shows that they follow some basic patterns and rules which we dub the Ten Commandments of Gift Giving: 

Thou Shalt Not Give Money as a Gift

This is commandment number one for a reason. There always comes a time where we’re struggling for gift ideas when the temptation strikes to simply slip a crisp little bank note into a card and be done with it. It seems so easy, but it’s throwing away the chance to give them something thoughtful and personalised that shows them how much they matter to you - and that’s the whole point!  

Thou Shalt Always Wrap The Gift

Everyone has their own way of opening a gift. For some it’s an exercise in patience, slowly and carefully removing the ribbons and neatly folding up the paper for later. For others it’s a rip-and-tear outburst of joy and excitement. Not even the grumpiest of scrooges can hide the little smile that breaks out as they unwrap the paper to reveal something special hiding inside. Beautiful wrapping is a tiny gesture that goes ever so far in making a simple gift into a magical moment. 

Thou Shalt Give Them Gifts They Will Actually Use

Just another chance to show you’ve been paying enough attention to understand what they like the most. Stalk their Instagram and Facebook, or simply shut your eyes and visualise them doing something they enjoy, then buy something you can picture them using during those treasured times.  

Thou Shalt Not Give Socks As A Gift

While gifts should be useful, it’s possible to go too far in this direction. Irons, socks and dishwashing liquid are certainly very useful, but they don’t make very good gifts! The best gifts are things people really want  – they’re a breath of fresh air, a chance to indulge and take a moment to step away from daily life to enjoy and savour a happy little moment. 

Thou Shalt Write a Card for the Gift

Once more, it’s all about showing thoughtfulness - your chance to show the person that you’ve been paying attention and thinking about little ways to make them happy. There’s a good reason that handmade cards from the little ones always go straight into safekeeping with the family photos and mementos - the thought and care they put into the card is priceless beyond words. 

Thou Shalt Buy Something They Might Not Buy For Themselves

This one is key – we all have those little luxuries that we might never quite get around to buying if left to our own devices, but when someone else buys them for us, we’re ecstatic. It’s magical if you get it right, and it’s at the heart of what makes gift-giving so special. Who knows – someone might pass on the favour to you next time! 

Thou Shalt Choose a Quality Gift

When it comes to giving gifts, quality matters so much more than price. Whatever you buy, whether it’s a tiny gift like a pencil or a notepad for an officemate or a new set of pyjamas for your fiancé, it should always be the very finest. Quality is key - it’s a reflection of how much you value the person. 

Thou Shalt Personalise The Gift

The most important commandment of all! Nothing is worse than a gift that could be for just anyone; the best gifts to receive are those meant for you and only you. When you’re giving a gift, you want the person to know that you had them in mind when you bought it. A personalised gift shows affection and thoughtfulness and as the gift-giver, you can be smug in the knowledge that your present is truly one of a kind. about discover Look & Cover’s collection of personalised sleepwear for women. Perfect for mums, sisters, girlfriends, fiancés, and wives.