Show Yourself Some Love

February 14th might be the day to focus on relationships—but what relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself?! This Valentine’s Day, shower your own damn self with love, affection, and a few luxurious gifts, like the ones, below. You know you deserve it!

A K Spa day pass grants you entry to a host of brilliant facilities, including the revolutionary Snow Paradise room – like a huge, circulation-boosting igloo, and the Sun Meadow, a serene Vitamin D-boosting space, kind of like a sun bed without the harmful UV. Combine this with all the usual spa suspects, and you’ve got yourself a seriously relaxing day. Be sure to retain enough energy to toast yourself with a glass of bubbles in the hotel’s Studio Bar.

If you’ve had a long, intense week at work – the last thing you’ll want to do is tackle the vacuuming, This is where the Roomba comes in, a robotic vacuum cleaner that will revolutionise your home cleaning. At the touch of a button, the impressive Roomba 980 will navigate around your home, keeping track of its location and recharging as needed until the job is complete. The smart iRobot Home App even allows you to control your cleaning schedule while you are on the go, how efficient!

Banish boring baths and sub-par soaks by boosting your bathroom line-up with Chantecaille's iconic Rose de Mai Extract. The experts in opulence have blended a bouquet of roses, including rose geranium and evening primrose, with replenishing, moisturisising oils of tamanu, andiroba, moringa and borage seed to create the ultimate in luxurious body hydration. Salicornia extract moisturises, leaving the skin feeling smooth and remarkably supple. Prepare to transform your bath with just a few drops to relax and rejuvenate in an instant.

Give yourself the gift of a little pamper time — this four-piece wellness and beauty kit will help you look and feel your very best. Housing four unique pieces, this set includes a hand-held device that boosts collagen production, a luxurious silk eye mask for a better night's sleep, an antioxidant-rich face oil, plus a plant-based transdermal patch that delivers natural extracts into the body.

No matter how you choose to spend February 14th this year, treat yourself to gorgeous cotton pyjamas and robes that can be loved and lounged in for many cosy evenings and mini breaks to come. Up to three initials can be embroidered on each item and as a special Valentine’s Day treat you'll get a cute heart symbol after the monogram, and your sleepwear can arrive with you in as little as four working days.

For those of us who struggle to allow ourselves some self-care, the Woman's Comfort book has over 200 prescriptions for giving yourself a break, this book helps the reader to sort out guilty feelings about self–nurture and to define her comfort/self–nurture needs. This book delivers a host of creative and comforting programmes like the self–care schedule, creative selfishness, creating a comfort network, body delights, a personal sanctuary, the comfort journal, bathing pleasures and comfort rituals.