Celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day

Maybe you’re a heartbreaker, one of the heartbroken, the happily single, the unhappily celibate, the cynical, or the perennially uncharming (oh, we doubt it), or if Valentine’s Day just turns you off, here are some fabulous anti-Valentine's Day gift ideas:

If you're more of a realist, and you've been overloaded with fluffy tales of romance and love on your social media feed, remedy it with a good book all about Betrayal. In Dear Life, the title story of her collection, she uses her family past, harvesting material for her writing, which is in itself a form of betrayal. Dear Life ends with these words: “We say of some things that they can’t be forgiven, or that we will never forgive ourselves. But we do – we do it all the time.”

Just because you're anti-Valentine's Day, doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself. There’s no excuse not to live your best life right now. And because you deserve it, gift yourself Comme des Garçons Parfums' 'Play Red' fragrance, which showcases the brand's playful creativity. The fragrance is fiery with sweet floral notes. A mix of Tolum Balsam, Pink Peppercorns and Red Cherry Accord are blended with fruity Red Mandarin and Myrrh, spicy Cinnamon and fresh Geranium.

Who wants a bunch of over-priced roses that will only die after a few days? Instead, choose an arrangement of succulents as a great alternative. Sublime symmetry and refined lines are used to create this beautifully shaped glass pyramid terrarium, which features a pair of glorious succulent plants nestled amongst preserved reindeer moss with an elegant round stone accent.

If you're sleeping alone this Valentine's day, celebrate anti-Valentine's with a full body pillow to cuddle up to for a restful night's sleep. This full-length pillow encourages a deeper sleep by supporting key muscles and joints helping to align the head, neck and spine whilst sleeping on your side.

Treat yourself to your very own pair of personalised pyjamas so you can enjoy your Valentine's protest in style. Up to three initials can be embroidered on to each item for no additional cost and your sleepwear can be with you in as little as four working days.